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    Version 2.65


    Features - Complete Visual Overhaul: - Increased emergency LED brightness during daylight and evening - Headlights, brake lights, turn signals, reverse lights and plate lights and traffic lights have increased brightness - Overworked weather - Overworked graphic-texture files - Overworked timecycle files How to install: PERMISSIONS This product may contain elements not recommended for people with epilepsy, especially during thunder. Use it with caution. I can not be held responsible for any seizure, as I've warned you.


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    Recently I have taken the steps of learning Unity and what I can say is I already have learned so much in the last few weeks of messing about. I am yet to take any of the official tutorials because its near guaranteed that it will be ~45-60 mins of useless shit talk, 4-5 mins of actual information deemed vital. I know, I know... "These tutorials are set up with complete newbies in mind" - Yeah sure, but you see they expect that in every tutorial up on the official tutorial archives and I don't have the time nor the attention span to sit there listening to some droney sounding instructor, these cunts put me to sleep in my schooling years..... So as it turns out, I have just made shit a little tougher on my self because I refuse to sit for how ever many episodes at the average of an hour a piece, to me it just doesn't seem valuable at all in regards to time spent to things learned when you can always trial and error and usually learn a fuck tonne more then sitting through an hourish of a tutorial on one subject, for example an hour on how to serialize data with save and load methods is total bullshit. Anyway, I have spent a few days making some simple assets in blender, rigged up some humanoid characters (not all bones are there currently, just important ones, placeholders don't need to be perfect, just need to be about right) I have also received some assets from @corvette81 which I must say is very kind of him to offer his time to the cause with some assets to play with, thanks bud Now if you have read this far and still wondering what my plan is with all of this, you are going to have to keep reading some more because I'm not spilling my secrets just yet, but there will be a project released at the end of it all. I will admit, the task I have assigned myself is a pretty large task indeed but shouldn't be unachievable at all, there are just a few systems I need to develop because I don't have the funds freely available to throw at the project to buy premade assets of the quality that I would like, so I have to make them myself, and that is the path that has been set in stone. Now before anyone asks (because people have already offered and I have declined) I am currently not accepting donations towards the project as there is NOTHING in terms of gameplay to show, I would feel as though I am doing wrong by accepting donations for nothing to show in return, If you are interested in helping the cause, please sit on that donation thought until I have a small showcase to show something off with my placeholder assets & a few select free ones that fit the bill. Things I will release about the project are as follows; Set in the current day, day/night cycles, weather system, AI, AI Animals, First Person, Street racing, Smallish "Open World" 2048kmx2048km (working towards larger "maps") Have a mod api already started to allow mods and testing for those who are special enough ORIGINAL "map" will be entirely in Australian environment - Mythical location, Real Australian landmarks (Reasons being, I'm not recreating peoples neighbourhoods, procedural generation modes**) **=Not Decided Its about cars, Motorsports - Road(with AI/MP Traffic), Track Events, Offroad Events I could keep going but i'd eventually give too much away and potentially loose my project idea to someone else who knows exactly what they are doing, because when I say its been a long time I have been waiting for a game to fill this void in me since I thought of it when I was a child playing my fathers Commodore 64. I wish I had of picked up this earlier as it would now be much further in development and I would have something more to share that would be of interest other then this wall of text you are reading now. I have been waiting for this game for too long now, and I do not know why it has not been made yet by any game developers out there, there are games that have come REAL close to it (not naming games, will give it away) but none have hit the nail on the head or come close to being a true game to fill the particular genre. Next blog, more secrets will be revealed about The Project, Cheers for reading! ~ConsKrypt
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    Version 3.5


    Agency Callouts adds some variety to your LSPD:FR experience. When going on duty, the officer model you choose will determine your agency, which in turn will determine which callouts are enabled. Some callouts are available for multiple agencies, but react differently depending on your active agency. Currently the plugin adds the following callouts, with more planned for future versions: Domestic Disturbance [LSPD / Sheriff] - investigate a domestic disturbance call, and arrest anyone breaking the law. Multiple different scenarios - not all of them peaceful! High Speed Pursuit (SAHP / Fed): Officers engaged in a high-speed pursuit with an illegally modified sports car have called for backup. Homicide Investigation (LSPD / Sheriff): Assist another first responder with questioning potential witnesses to a homicide. Livestock On Road (Sheriff): Several animals have wandered onto the road and are obstructing traffic. Motor Vehicle Accident (LSPD / Sheriff / SAHP): An MVA has occurred nearby, respond to the scene. Take the drivers statements by pressing T (if they survived). Roadblock [SAHP] - assist a fellow officer bring a pursuit (hopefully) to an end by establishing a road block ahead of the suspect. Stolen Vehicle Spotted (LSPD / Sheriff / SAHP / Fed): Officers on foot have spotted a stolen vehicle in the neighbourhood. Street Racing [SAHP] - civilians have reported two vehicles street racing, can you catch them both? Surveillance Target (LSPD / Sheriff / Fed): A gang member is moving through the city with an unknown agenda. Tail them to see what they're up to, but be careful not to spook them. This callout features several different scenarios when the gang member reaches their destination. Suspected Meth Lab (LSPD / Sheriff / Fed): A civilian has called in reporting suspicious smells coming from an RV on the side of the road. Suspicious Fertilizer Purchase (Fed): A large purchase of fertilizer has triggered a potential terror alert. Bring the buyer in for further questioning. Welfare Check (LSPD / Sheriff): A civilian has called in concerned about the welfare of a friend or relative. The plugin also includes the following miscellaneous features aimed at making your patrol easier: Improved loadouts: All officers receive a flashlight, SWAT receives an assault rifle and body armour, Federal Agents receive an SMG. Collect a fresh set of gear at any time (while on duty) via the menu Downtown Police Station improvements: While on duty, approach the garage door to warp into the garage without walking around the building. Duty Menu: While on duty, press CTRL+END to bring up the duty menu. From here you can: request air support, a mechanic to fix your car, or a taxi to transport a civilian; get a fresh loadout; or end the current call. Experimental Crime Scene Control: Using the duty menu, it is possible to freeze/release nearby AI police to prevent crime scenes from escalating out of control due to aggressive police driving. THIS FEATURE IS HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL - USE WITH CAUTION


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    Version 3.0.6553


    DarkAPI is a required dependency of all of my RPH plugins. Although it is included with my plugins, some plugins may have an older version, and so now I am making the latest version of DarkAPI available as a standalone download. To use simply extract it into your GTA folder. Obviously, this will have no effect unless you also have one of my plugins installed.


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    Version 0.4


    This mod aims to improve and tweak the various meta/data files within GTA for a more realistic, less insane game environment. Currently, this mod alters/changes the following: Completely removes ambient police pursuits. Tones down other built-in ambient crime events. Attempts to stop random peds stealing your car. (I rarely noticed this in my own game, so I cant be sure the fix works. Feedback welcomed!) Fixes many incorrect AI Handling settings - now sports/super cars will be driven as such, while junky cars are more likely to be driven slow. Increases vehicle damage multipliers for more realistic crashes. PIT's are much more likely to be successful, but also more dangerous without a good ram bar. Reduced vehicle drag across the board, allowing vehicles to reach higher top speeds. Additional tweaking to actual top speeds / drive force will come in future updates. Reduced brake efficiency across the board to give cars a more realistic feel. This results in more lively traffic in a number of ways, from minor (and major) fender benders to an increase in red-light runners. I am working on many more improvements and will likely release an update once I've got a chance to thoroughly test these other improvements.


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    View File DarkAPI DarkAPI is a required dependency of all of my RPH plugins. Although it is included with my plugins, some plugins may have an older version, and so now I am making the latest version of DarkAPI available as a standalone download. To use simply extract it into your GTA folder. Obviously, this will have no effect unless you also have one of my plugins installed. Submitter Darkmyre Submitted 01/27/2017 Category Plugins/Scripts  
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