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    Version 2.65


    Features - Complete Visual Overhaul: - Increased emergency LED brightness during daylight and evening - Headlights, brake lights, turn signals, reverse lights and plate lights and traffic lights have increased brightness - Overworked weather - Overworked graphic-texture files - Overworked timecycle files How to install: PERMISSIONS This product may contain elements not recommended for people with epilepsy, especially during thunder. Use it with caution. I can not be held responsible for any seizure, as I've warned you.


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    Version 2.1.6637


    Police Partner lets you take an AI officer, fully decked out in the latest EUP fashion, with you on your next patrol. Your partner will assist with traffic stops, pursuits, and general duties during the course of your patrol. Partners are even capable of driving (well, about as capable as any other GTA AI) allowing you to sit back and eat some donuts for a change! This plugin is currently in beta, and may contain bugs and issues. When reporting issues, please remember to include the relevant section of your RagePluginHook.log (located in your main GTA directory). REQUIRES THE LATEST VERSION OF DARKMYREAPI: Current Features Summon or dismiss a partner wearing EUP-compatible uniforms. Several different uniforms available - LSPD, LSPD (Wet Weather), Sheriff SWAT, and Undercover. Weapon mimicking - anytime you change your equipped weapon (including to unarmed), your partner will do likewise. Default follow mode - on foot, your partner will try and maintain a position to your right. Getting in/out of a car will cause your partner to do likewise. Traffic Stop AI - partner will leave door open for protection when exiting patrol car. If equipped with any weapon, partner will aim it at the vehicle for the duration of the stop. Pursuit AI - if equipped with a weapon and suspect is in a vehicle, partner will fire on the vehicle. If suspect is on foot, partner will give chase, drawing and aiming at the suspect when he gets close enough. Partner will always target the closest pursuit suspect to him. Valet service - If the partner isn't busy, is closer to your patrol car than you, and you are a reasonable distance from your patrol car, the partner will drive the patrol car closer. Drive mode - Instead of riding shotgun, your partner will take the wheel. Set a waypoint as normal to have the partner drive there code 2, otherwise your partner will cruise around. Some support for pursuits and traffic stops (still very much a work in progress). Known Issues None at this time Video Spotlight


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    Plugin updates will be coming this weekend to a few of my plugins, including some new callouts!
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    Ivan's trying to flee Los Santos, but the San Andreas Task Force has other ideas. The real question though is how long will he stay in custody this time? Don't forget to ๐Ÿ‘ if you enjoy! New to Darkmyre Gaming? Subscribe now for more great Aussie gaming: https://goo.gl/4xCn5S Already subscribed? Make sure to enable ๐Ÿ”” notifications so you never miss a stream or video! ๐Ÿšฉ Stream/Comment Rules ๐Ÿšฉ - No racial slurs - No self-promotion - No spam - Treat everyone with respect ๐Ÿ“… Stream Schedule ๐Ÿ“… I stream daily from around 5pm Sydney time, every day except Saturdays. GTA streams will generally start around 8/9pm. Please note I DO NOT schedule games or types of LSPDFR patrols in advance, however I do rotate through all active games and LSPDFR states regularly. ๐Ÿ”Š Darkmyre Gaming Social Media ๐Ÿ”Š Community Website/Forum: http://www.darkmyre.net/ Discord (text+voice chat): https://discord.me/darkmyregaming/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DarkmyreGaming/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/darkmyre/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/darkmyregaming/ ๐Ÿ’ฒ Donations / Merch ๐Ÿ’ฒ Once-off donations via StreamLabs: https://goo.gl/YTFFrL Donations of $1 or more will appear on screen. Donations of $5 or more will have your comment read on stream. Darkmyre Gaming Official Merchandise: https://goo.gl/8zDFhm Monthly support via Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/darkmyre Get early access to new version of my GTA plugins with donations of $10 or more.
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    I love the mod. But is there any way to adjust the rain? It's massive and really obnoxious like slugs on the screen. Is there a way to tweak it or a download to fix it? https://gyazo.com/825e2e15f7e190e2202044bbb763c6f7
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    This mod adds a fuel management system to vehicles. When the player gets into a vehicle for the first time, a random fuel level is allocated to the car. As you drive, your fuel decreases (faster with more aggressive driving), and if your car runs dry it will be disabled. Visit any of the in-game fuel stations to refuel, but remember to pay the clerk before leaving or expect some police attention. Fuel levels are tracked for the cars you drive during a session, but do not persist across game reloads. This mod also adds automatically triggered indicators and hazard lights: simply turn left or right in a car, and your indicators will come on and remain on for a few seconds after your turn. You can also press the left or right arrow on your keyboard to start the indicators flashing for 5 seconds, without needing to keep your wheels turned. Your hazard lights should automatically engage when you are parked near a road. You can also toggle your hazards on/off using the spacebar regardless of where you are parked. Planned Features The current version is an early preview, and is not yet feature-complete. The following features are planned and will be included in a future update: Ability to refill your tank with Jerry Cans to get cars with an empty tank going again. Ability to 'change' a flat/busted tyre, repairing it. Cruise Control: activate at your chosen speed and sit back in comfort as your engine maintains your desired speed (steering still required, so dont go to sleep). As this is a preview release, it does not currently include normal 'release standard' features, such as a configurable INI file. To bring up the Vehicle Management menu, press CTRL+Z. Known Issues Due to deliberate limitations set by Rockstar, the payment side of buying fuel does not function when playing as any ped other than Franklin/Michael/Trevor. This essentially means non-storymode peds have free fuel for now. DO NOT UPLOAD THIS PLUGIN TO ANY WEBSITE WITHOUT MY EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION.


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    Nice ! i made a new vid for the latest version 4k ofc
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    ้—ฎ้ข˜ๆ˜ฏไป€ไนˆ๏ผŸ GTA5-25-10-05-58.bmp GTA5-25-10-05-58.bmp
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    Agree 100% with @Darkmyre and @Krypt. Makes the experience much more enjoyable with this tasty mod. Thanks Komp.
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    Welcome to the new Darkmyre Gaming community website! Please bear with us during the rest of January as we get everything setup just right. Feel free to use the forum in the meantime, but understand that some settings may change and new forum sections will appear as setup continues.
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    niceeeeeee darkyyyyyyyyy
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    Glad to be part of your community Dark
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    Thanks for the welcome!
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  15. 1 point
    Sick website mate!
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    Version 2.6.6431


    Features This plugin allows an officer to quickly and thoroughly search any pedestrian or vehicle from one conventient key binding. Searching vehicles conducts a full search, providing the player with a report after searching all areas of the car. Available items can be customized via XML files, and include a size classification to prevent unrealistic search results. Players can even create and share their own item collections by adding a new XML file to the Search folder (Grand Theft Auto V/Plugins/Darkmyre.Common/Search/). When the search concludes, the game is briefly paused allowing time to absorb the search results and decide how to proceed. Customizing Items All of the items used by this plugin can be located in Plugins/Darkmyre.Common/Search/. You can either edit the provided XML files, or create a new XML file using an existing file as a template. Each item should have an entry as follows, with all fields being mandatory: <SearchItem> <item>a passport</item> <size>small</size> <status>mundane</status> </SearchItem> An items size determines where it can be found. Small and medium items can be found on peds or in any vehicle location, however peds can only carry a maximum of 1 medium item. Large items can only be found in vehicle trunks. An items status determines if it should be highlighted in the search results screen: illegal/narcotics items are highlighted red, suspicious items are highlighted yellow, and all other items are currently unhighlighted. Callout Integration (For Developers) Search Warrant utilizes the Metadata of pedestrians and vehicles to both remember search results, and provide a conventient way for plugin authors to influence the items found. Simply assign a string describing your items to one of the following Metadata items, and Search Warrant will return your string rather than randomly selecting items for that slot: ped.Metadata.searchPed="Some items found on the ped"; vehicle.Metadata.searchDriver="Some items found on the drivers(left) side"; vehicle.Metadata.searchPassenger="Some items found on the passenger(right) side"; vehicle.Metadata.searchTrunk="Some items found in the boot/trunk"; It is not necessary to provide all search Metadata for vehicles - the plugin will randomize any that are missing. Video Spotlight:


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    You cant play LSPDFR with out this plug in its a must
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    Totally Trumped my graphics. Can't imagine playing GTA without this wonderful mod now, a definite "must-have"
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